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Organic certified
Organic certified

Phyto Planet is now organic certified by IBD. Talk to us to know about the products you can buy with this certification and get more customers.







years of history


the best choice for healthy products


About us

Phyto Planet follows the highest standards in food safety. ANVISA, the Brazilian authority for food, follows international standards such as the European and American ones.  We are also registered in the FDA.



We do not only work with the best of food and health ingredients, but also with products that can be yours using your own brand in our private label services. Take a look in product list.

Trade shows

Phyto Planet participates of many international trade shows around the world. 90% of our sales are for the foreign market, doing this since 2006.


FI EUROPE 2023 - Frankfurt (Germany)

The future of agribusiness.

“Brazil will represent in the near future the place where the food we need to the world grow. Nowadays, this country is already considered the world's barn because of its land for cultivation."

- Bloomberg

“Health products have shown a intense growth since 2009 and soon it will double its size. People are changing their habits forever.” 


“Even in periods of crisis, food never is less than a main priority in the market. People have to eat, therefore they prefer to abdicate of other not important things.” 


“Amazon rain forest offers an incredible biodiversity to the world. As more as we consume products such as açaí, guaraná and camu camu, we are helping to protect the forest as the market will need it protected.” ​


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