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About us

Phyto Planet is one the leading companies in the exportation of food and health ingredients from Brazil.

History & mission.

PHYTO PLANET is a Brazilian company founded in 2006 and one of the leaders in the exportation of food and health ingredients such as herbs, teas, fruit and vegetables extracts, oils and spices. ​ Located in Belo Horizonte (MG), one of the biggest cities in Brazil, our factories have easy logistic access to the largest airports and ports in the country, such as Guarulhos airport and Santos port.


Our products and ingredients are appreciated by buyers and consumers around the world. For this reason, we have exported for more than 65 countries in all continents, meeting our highest standards of excellence for companies in Germany, China, United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea and many others. Since 2019, PHYTO PLANET has a subsidiary office in the United States to reach the potential market for our products in e-commerce platforms.


Our mission is to make companies around the world to succeed in providing high quality healthy products made in Brazil with passion and competence. Our inspiration is to share with the world what nature has to offer. ​


Our vision is to have our products being sold around the world that represent naturalness, wellbeing and quality of life.


The group.

PHYTO PLANET is part of BRAZIL BARN FOOD GROUP. For us, there is no better market than the food production sector. The health food market has great expectations to increase substantially every year. Furthermore, Brazil is considered the food barn of the world due to its land to plantation. We are fascinated by how the magic of feed the world can help transform lives. And this reinforces the sense that we are actively participating in the development of our country.


Phyto Planet follows the highest standards in food safety. ANVISA, the Brazilian authority for food, follows international standards such as the European and American ones.  We are also registered in the FDA.

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